Bella Madera

The Original Bella Madera made in Columbia with Ipe Wood, very durable and only found in Colombia.

Madero treatment is a type of body massage that involves the use of specific wooden massage instruments. The anti-cellulite massage technique is used to diminish and treat the appearance of cellulite over time, firm the connective tissues, and relax and relieve stress.

To address the physical source of cellulite - bulging fat and strained collagen strands – a particular massage method is utilized to massage the bulging fat, knead the muscles, and “roll” the bulging fat away. The body's design is precisely matched by the unusual shape of the wooden tools. The tools are made of natural, durable wood that is also allergy-friendly.

Our products are made from 100% natural wood. The exceptional quality and strength of the wood allow for long-term use!

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3 products