Message to Mom

Message to Mom

“I Love You Mom” is a simple phrase you hear every day. I used to tell it to my Mom all the time when I was younger. Every time I did, it made her smile. Now that I became a mom myself, hearing these words are the most comforting echo from the sweet little voice of my young one. This is one of those moments that reminds me of how rewarding and overwhelming it is to have the gift of motherhood.

Mother’s Day is the most special day to celebrate the toughest job of being a woman. The different challenges each one has fought is inevitable. It’s not all about the joy of motherhood, there’s so much more out of it to unveil. From being skeptical to being adamant to being ignorant or simply unsure. Day one up to the present I want all Mom’s to know that this special day is a well deserved day for us!

Time has been a debate from all over the world between parents and children. I grew up having busy parents and I completely understand the frustration of being left at home without a choice. It’s sad and annoying, but as the years passed by I understood the sacrifices my parents made for me. I knew since then that it’s not just me feeling down when I leave home. Being a mom, the paranoia of strange possibilities will start creeping in. The what if’s that guilts our emotions all throughout the day are unending.

I would never want my child to feel the same. Yes, I do feel tired coming home but seeing his tiny feet running towards me with a big smile plastered on his lovely face just takes all my worries away. Once in a while, I make sure to play with him or even just listen to what he’s gonna say. It might only be the little boo-boo on his finger or the red slide in the park, this means a lot to him. His cries are not forever, soon enough he’ll be bigger than me and one day he’ll walk on his own.

Motherhood can be very challenging. There are no manuals, no instructions, and no schedules. Our mornings might not always be a peaceful one and our nights just as solemn. But one of these days, you’ll find yourself in their sweetest warm embrace assuring you that even the smallest things you do means a lot to them.

Hey mom! If you’re reading this, please remember that all your sacrifices will one day turn out just fine. Happy Mother’s Day! I hope you feel loved and appreciated. Look at the child you’re growing, is he healthy? happy? Feeling at peace? It’s because he got you and you’re one of his favorite people in the world! You’re growing a beautiful child and you’re doing great!

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