About Us

About Us


ShippingRover is a leading fashion retailer serving the affordable, mid-range market in the region offering the same great value for money that customers expect. The company mainly started for women’s clothing and eventually with the market’s demand broaden the merchandise to beauty products, accessories, cosmetics, and household products that are designed to top-rated quality standards. Promoting healthy living, ShippingRover now extends to fitness products considering personal research, trials, and reviews to offer the best items the market has to offer.

Ms. Jennifer, the Founder of ShippingRover is an entrepreneur who supports the advocacy of UNICEF and loves giving back to those in need with the promise that for every $100.00 spent $5.00 goes to the proceeds of the Foundation. Her personal sentiments say “I am here to introduce you to my new website, ShippingRover where I offer the best of clothing, accessories, and more at affordable prices.” - giving an assurance to the top-quality items the company has in store. She then continued “Through my website, I also like to help with many charities. One being UNICEF. For every $100 spent $5.00 goes to UNICEF. I know you have many online options but keep in mind, when you purchase an item from ShippingRover you are helping people in the world that are in need”. This reflects the mission of the company to help and share what some people need the most, it might not be the caress of a mother but the heartfelt compassion and love built by the consumers.

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